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  1. Naomi & Nicole Firm Control Torsette Slip 7072

    Naomi & Nicole Firm Control Torsette Slip 7072

    Colours: Black
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    RRP: £47.50

    Our Price: £26.95

    Ever wondered about the ultimate piece of shapewear? We all know that the best shapewear depends on the individual - for example, whether you're looking for waist shaping or thigh shaping.

    However, if there is a true all-rounder that will perhaps appeal to everyone then it has to be the Firm Control Torsette Slip from Naomi and Nicole. Why? Because this is a piece of shapewear that is not only great as a waist slimmer and thigh slimmer, but it will also target your midriff, your hips and even any back fat. It benefits from 2 rows of 3 hook and eye closure to the gusset.

    How does it work?
    How can one piece of shapewear do so much? The answer is that it combines one ply with two plies of luxurious, soft fabric and has been designed with a seamless front construction. The result is shapewear that not only keeps everything looking trim and smooth: but that also feels great to wear too.

    Indeed this waist shaping and thigh shaping shapewear will also feel great on your body. Its body is 77% Nylon, while the strap is 85% Polyester and the crotch is 92% Cotton.

    When can I wear it?
    There is no doubt that this torsette slip has been designed for special occasions - it is such a luxurious piece of shapewear and can be worn with your own bra, so it is perfect for when you really want to show your body off. It also has a built-in panty so you'll feel great at all times.

    As an added bonus however, the Firm Control Torsette Slip also comes with Wonderful Edge technology which will prevent it from riding up or rolling down: so you can wear this shapewear with confidence regardless of how active you plan to be.
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