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  1. Naomi & Nicole Smooth Away Torsette Bodybriefer 7112

    Naomi & Nicole Smooth Away Torsette Bodybriefer 7112

    Colours: Black, Nude
    In stock

    RRP: £47.00

    Our Price: £31.00

    This Single-Ply Shaper Combines Performance, Comfort and Style Like Never Before. Incorporating the Revolutionary, Patent-Pending Back Magic® Feature is an Amazingly Comfortable and Effective Solution for the most Common Shaping Problems of the Torso. Incorporating a Combination of Flexible Stays and a Silicone Finish, Back Magic® ensures that the back of each Shaper doesn’t Slip, Slide, or Roll Down. This Stability allows the Shaping Fabric to Function more Effectively around the Wearer’s Mid-Section. Like Magic, it Reduces Bulges at the Midriff, Controls Lower Back Fat Preventing Muffin Tops from Forming and even Provides a Measure of Back Support. Its Attractive, Soft, & Shiny Fabric Will Allow Your Clothes to Drape Smoothly, Preventing Lines From Showing Through. Choose this Garment to Control and Smooth Your Waist, Midriff, Tummy, Hips & Back. Learn More
  2. Naomi & Nicole Comfortable Firm Thigh Slimming Torsette 7071

    Naomi & Nicole Comfortable Firm Thigh Slimming Torsette 7071

    Colours: Black, Nude
    In stock

    RRP: £45.50

    Our Price: £36.00

    Want to get the slim, toned thighs you've always longed for but don't have the time to devote to the fitness and dieting regime you'd need to get them? Or maybe you're happy with your look but just wish everything was a little smoother underneath your clothes? Then consider the thigh slimmer torsette from Naomi and Nicole Shapewear.

    The beauty of the thigh slimmer torsette is that even though its name implies that it slims the thighs, in reality it will also slim your stomach, waist, hips, back and bottom too. It benefits from an overlapping flap to the gusset.

    How does it work?
    This lightweight shapewear garment simply slips over your body and thanks to its Tactel fabric you will get that smooth look you have been craving.

    You could wear it to look slimmer, or you could wear it simply to smooth or shape your body offering you a more toned silhouette while providing a perfect finish under your clothes.

    When can I wear it?
    With the thigh slimmer body shaper there are no restrictions - you can wear it under any garment and with its Wonderful Edge technology at the bottom of the thigh you can be sure it will never fall out of place or ride up. The fabric, which is 77 per cent nylon on the body and 92 per cent cotton around the crotch, is purposefully lightweight and powerful to ensure it feels comfortable at all times while also being able to withstand daily wear and tear.

    As an added bonus, you can wear the thigh slimmer torsette with your own bra for a custom fit and it is available in a choice of colours - black and nude. It won't restrict you when you need to go to the bathroom either, so you'll be able to look great with real peace of mind.
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