Types of Shapewear


How-to:  Finding the Perfect Fit

Ever wonder how celebs pull off the perfect red carpet look? Don't be fooled-no one has a flawless body! Shapewear is the secret to pulling off body-hugging dresses and form-fitting skirts. And unlike constrictive, uncomfortable girdles of the past, today's shapewear is soft, comfortable, and breathable. But how do you find the perfect piece for you? We've gathered up some tips to help you find the right shapewear so you can dress for success.

Basic Bodyshapers

Bodyshapers shape and sculpt several problem areas at a time-from tummy pooches to jiggly thighs, and curvy thighs to round rear-ends. They can include slips These multi-tasking full cover control garments are ideal for wearing under special occasion dresses that fit tight, pencil skirts, and slim-fitting garments. They will give you a seamless, slimmer appearance overall. You can also find "bridal" styles in white to help you look your best on your big day!


Shapewear briefs can help slim thighs and buttocks, and can also assist with tummy flattening depending on the style you pick. High-wasted styles will smooth bumps and bulges on your stomach and outer thighs, lower-wasted styles will tuck in pooches and upper thighs. Both are ideal for smoothing out your shape before slipping on skinny jeans or tight skirts.

Camis and Cinchers

If your tummy is your only problem area, waist cinchers and cami-style shapewear is the way to go. Similar to corsets, but without crushing and compacting your form, these upper body pieces will smooth out lumps and bumps in your torso, giving you the freedom to wear form-fitting tops and dresses.

Long Leg Slimmers

Saddle bags and thick thighs can ruin the line of your curves. Slim and smooth them with leg slimmers that extend over the entire top of your thighs. Most leg slimmers also cover the tummy area, so they're ideal pieces for slim skirts and stretchy jeans or pants.


Slimming swimsuits take the flexible material of bodyshapers and use them to design a stunning suit that will smooth bathing suit areas and enhance your appearance for the beach or pool.

Additional Tips:

  • Once you've decided on what type of shapewear you need for your look, make sure you purchase shapewear in your regular size. It's tempting to try a smaller one for a slimmer looking you, but too-small garments will actually roll up and produce more rolls, defeating the purpose of the shapewear. Your comfort level will also suffer if you choose too small of a size.
  • Select light control to smooth and shape, medium control for a tighter appearance, and firm to extra-firm control to dramatically change your shape and correct flaws.
  • Know your body shape (hourglass, pear, apple, banana), and what type of problem areas you want to conceal before buying shapewear. This will help you decide what you need and what pieces will go best with your wardrobe.
  • If you choose to wear underwear with your shapewear, pair it with seamless knickers and smooth bras. Being able to see every line of your undies beneath shapewear pieces defeats the purpose of wearing them.
  • If you would like any specific advice about shapewear then please do call or email us, we would love to help you.