Miraclesuit Swimsuit Fitting Guide



Designs & Inspiration - We believe in curves.

As Miraclesuit continues to develop and evolve, their heritage of fit, form and function continues to be their priority with emphasis on bold prints, cutting edge new shapes using innovative design and construction, and a collection of coordinating accessories for cover-ups to complete a woman's beachwear collection.

The unrivalled and ingenious fabric Miratex forms the basis for Miraclesuit swimsuits.

The Miraclesuit swimsuit not only slims down the silhouette and firms the body but gives control and contour to your shape. Sporting the Miraclesuit swimsuit will create the illusion of losing 10 lbs. in 10 seconds… the 10 seconds it takes to slip it on.

Subsequently, Miraclesuit focus their expertise on bra support. Their latest innovation is the hidden underwire. These are built into the one piece molded cup. This lends itself to a much smoother and more comfortable feel and is much less bulky than the traditional underwire which inevitably pokes through the fabric and causes discomfort. Miraclesuit have a bra construction to suit every woman no matter how much or little support she requires.

Collaborating the look is Miraclesuit's use of flattering prints and their expertise in applying strategically placed ruching, draping and shirring to minimise bulging and give an all over smoother, slimmer and firmer look. For Spring 2013 Miraclesuit are featuring bold graphic prints and floral patterns, bright flat colours along with the traditional and ever popular black swimsuits in every style and shape not to mention the gorgeous Single Strap Swimsuit featured in black or white a must see swimsuit.

In essence there is something for everyone in this collection - every age, shape and size. Wearing Miraclesuit swimwear will make any woman feel so much more confident about their shape.

When choosing your Miraclesuit swimsuit you need to choose one which is most flattering for your shape and that is also comfortable for you to wear. Your aim should be to flatter your best bits and not hide them. There are plenty of pieces to choose from.

Miraclesuit have a great selection of missy swimsuits. This range is suitable for any body shape with a B or C cup. Then there are the fuller cup swimsuits which are more suitable for women with a cup size of D or above. The women's collection is for the fuller-figured woman and sizes begin at 16W+ and go right through to size 24W+

Before making your selection you should be aware of your body type and choose a swimsuit that will best fit and flatter your body.

If you have an hourglass figure then your waist will be smaller and your shoulders and hips will be of fairly equal width. Most styles of swimsuit will work well with your figure but even with great proportions you may still have certain areas that you are unhappy with. For example if you have a large bust that you wish to minimize then you should choose a swimsuit made for larger cup sizes.

For those of you with any of the shapes mentioned below we have recommendations for swimsuits to accentuate your best features too...

Pear Shaped



If you have a pear shaped body then your hips and waist will be wider than your shoulders with your waist being smaller than your hips. If this is you then we recommend that you choose a swimsuit with a pattern, shirring detail or embellishment across the tummy. This will help to define the waistline and balance out the figure. Also a swimsuit which is darker at the bottom will also draw the attention away from the hips and towards the upper body.

 We recommend: 


Apple Shaped


If you have an apple shaped body then your shoulders will be broad and your hips small. To balance your figure you should aim to draw attention to your bottom half. This look can be achieved by choosing a swimsuit with pattern, embellishment or shirring detail to the lower part, keeping the top half in a solid colour or less embellished than the lower half.

We recommend:

Oval Shaped


If you have an oval shaped body then you will have a fuller bust and shoulders and a more rounded waist and hips. We recommend for the shape of the swimsuit a deep V necked style. Also halter neck styles with bust support would suit your shape very well. The bottom should have a fuller coverage. With regard to the fabric, we recommend pattern, shirring or draping in the bust area. This will give the impression of a smaller waistline. For the lower part of the swimsuit we recommend darker or block colour.

We recommend:

Box Shaped


If you have a box shaped body then your hips, waist and shoulders will all be around the same width. To simulate a smaller waistline we recommend you look for a swimsuit that has shirring detail around the waist. This will give you a curvier look. Another good option would be the tankini. If you have a long torso the tankini appears to shorten the torso area.

We recommend:



How to Measure


Bust: measure around the body and across to most protruding part of the breast (apex).

Hips: measure around the body, across the hips and 4" below the navel.

Waist: measure around the body at the natural bend in the waist area.



Torso: measure between the legs, over the apex of the breast and up to meet the other end of the measuring tape at the top of the shoulder.


Misses Size Chart
91cm 70cm 97cm 152cm 6 36 8 38 40 42
94cm 72cm 100cm 155cm 8 38 10 40 42 44
98cm 76cm 104cm 158cm 10 40 12 42 44 46
102cm 80cm 108cm 161cm 12 42 14 44 46 48
105cm 84cm 112cm 164cm 14 44 16 46 48 50
109cm 88cm 116cm 168cm 16 46 18 48 50 52
113cm 91cm 119cm 171cm 18 48 20 50 52 54


A Fitting Suit


If a swimsuit is not fitting correctly it will not look right or feel comfortable! Always begin with the correct sizing.


Straps: You should be able to fit your thumb comfortably under the strap. If you can't then the swimsuit is too small. If the straps feel loose or slide easily off the shoulders then try a smaller size or even a different style

Back: If your swimsuit cuts into you, or is riding up then you should try a larger size. If the back is sagging at any point or appears droopy then try a smaller size.

Bra: The cups of the swimsuit should be filled and not gaping. The correctly fitting swimsuit will offer support, good coverage and separation.


Crotch: If your swimsuit cuts into you then it is too small. You should try a larger size. If there appears to be excess fabric drooping then try a smaller size.

Underarm: The swimsuit should not be loose under the arm, if it is then try a smaller size. If the swimsuit cuts into you and creates bulging then you should try a larger size.


Derriere: Your swimsuit should give good coverage and should not cut into you or create bulges. If it does then you should try a larger size. If the swimsuit feels loose or saggy then you should try a smaller size.



The Real Test is to Move ...

You should move about in your swimsuit before hitting the beach or pool. Lift up your arms, jump up and down, bend and twist and then check that your swimsuit still feels great and in the right place.

For the Fuller Bust

Miraclesuit's Fuller Bust Collection - fantastic for ladies with a fuller bust. They have built in bras with soft cups, underwires and molded cups. These molded bras are designed to flatter and support the larger bust. Miraclesuit also engineer fuller bust suits which incorporate wider straps to provide extra lift and power linings to offer more support. The swimsuits also have higher cut armholes to offer support at the sides of the bust area.

When making your selection, consider the style of your neckline. The V-neckline can be very flattering as it shows off your cleavage and draws the eye upwards making your torso look longer. A higher neckline is great for supporting the larger busts and of course offers that all important sun protection for the delicate neck area. If you want to try and minimize the bust then choose a swimsuit that wraps across the chest diagonally. Whichever neckline you choose, Miraclesuit ensure all of their swimsuits offer a great look that is flattering in style.

We do not recommend a swimsuit with no support if you have a fuller bust. All of the swimsuits from the Fuller Bust Collection are designed to give the wearer the best support, providing confidence and stylish comfort to the wearer.

Fuller Figured Women

If you have a fuller figure you should choose a Miraclesuit which provides more coverage in your area of concern. All Miraclesuit swimsuits offer all-over body control that slims down, tones and flatters the body. This is all achieved without the use of uncomfortable girdle linings. If you have fuller hips and wish to disguise them then we recommend you choose a swimsuit that provides more coverage in that area and flatters your legs. You can achieve this look by choosing a swimsuit with a lighter or brighter colour on top and darker at the bottom. This will draw the eye upwards and away from the problem area. Also skirted swimsuits are another great option.

Womens Size Chart
119cm 109cm 123cm 165cm 16W 46W 18W 48W 50W 52W
123cm 112cm 127cm 168cm 18W 48W 20W 50W 52W 54W
128cm 117cm 132cm 174cm 20W 50W 22W 52W 54W 56W
133cm 123cm 137cm 178cm 22W 52W 24W 54W 56W 58W
138cm 128cm 142cm 183cm 24W 54W 26W 56W 58W 60W


Bra Construction


Soft cups are made from smooth foam which is molded to fit the shape of a woman's breast. These cups provide added support and coverage, concealing this area and making the swimsuit nontransparent. These cups should be gently filled without gaps or wrinkles and the breast tissue should not spill out over the top of the fabric or around the armhole edges.


Underwires offer extra lift and support, shaping and defining the breast area. You should try to encircle the lower breast with the underwire to further enhance your shape. The underwire should move with you allowing comfort and support.


The molded foam bras are an innovative new design providing the ultimate in comfort and support. The underwires are built into the foam cups and have been designed as such so that the wires are unable to come loose and poke through the fabric, often resulting in discomfort or even loss of the underwire itself. The foam cups extend up into the straps relieving stress and providing extra comfort in the places where swimsuits are most likely to be felt.


Miratex: The Miracle Fabric

Miratex is indeed a miracle fabric which has been designed to comfortably shape a woman without squashing her! The hybrid fabric consists of high stretch and high modulus (shaping power) properties. It not only delivers the "10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds" promise to the wearer when the suit is first worn but the promise is kept all day long, whether the woman is swimming, sunbathing or even partaking in a spot of beach volleyball!

The miracle occurs because the fabric mimics a true second skin. It provides 150% stretch in every direction whilst the cut and curves of the fabric provide the perfect shaping of the body. Miratex fabric was designed to provide the shaping power at the fit point whilst the stretch allows comfort and freedom of movement to perform activities such as swimming.

The very fibres of the fabric absorb 48.3% less water in the first fifteen minutes in the pool than a standard tricot fabric. These fibres stay drier and combining this with Miraclesuits choice of Elastane Yam (extra Life Lycra), give the fabric a greater resistance to chlorine, thus extending the durability and life of the Miracle!

Washing & Care Information:

After each use, hand-wash your Miraclesuit in cool, clear water and hang to dry. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not iron.