Whats Your Body Shape


Women come in all different shapes and sizes-but there are 5 basic silhouettes that tend to dominate our physiques:

Knowing your body shape is as important as knowing your measurements and trouble spots when shopping for Shapewear, so you can mold and smooth your body into a more flattering you!


If you're one of the lucky women whose waist nips in, and whose curvy bust and bottom are roughly the same size, congratulations! You already have one of the most sought-after shapes. For you, shapewear is about enhancement and smoothing. Light to medium control would work best, as you don't need to change much; just smooth out any bumps and lumps for a sexier figure. Stick to mostly classic and/or retro clothing styles made for enhancing your figure. Wrap dresses, v-neck tops, wide belts, and flared jeans will all complement your shape.


Pear-shaped ladies tend to be bigger around the bottom, with curvy thighs and hips-which also means you've likely been blessed with a flat stomach! Minimize your bottom half with medium to firm control briefs, shaping jeans, and long leg-style shapewear. Load up your wardrobe with tops in bright, patterned colors and keep your bottom half sleek with sold, dark colors to draw attention to your upper half for an hourglass-like effect.


If you're carrying most of your weight around your midsection, you're an apple shape-which means you need to define your waist in order to call attention to your best assets: your fabulous chest and bottom. Choose a medium to firm control waist cincher or cami-style shapewear to pull your waist in and create smooth lines. Explore empire waist dresses and longer tops with low necklines, designed to draw people's eyes upward.


Broader shoulders and larger chests paired with a skinner bottom half are the hallmarks for a strawberry-shaped figure. Good posture is a key element in evening out your body's shape. Try a full bodyslip to help align your stance, and/or a waist cincher to pull in your stomach for a taller, leaner, and more even appearance. Full skirts and flared jeans will also help-and wear light, bright colors on your bottom half, complemented by darker colors on top.


Your boyish figure is similar to that of most models-so don't lament your lack or curves! If you're craving a more hourglass-like shape, invest in some medium to firm control briefs or a waist cincher to create the illusion of a smaller midsection and a curvier look. Structured clothes look best on you. Wear button up shirts, cleverly designed coats with belts, and dresses that pull in at the waist for more definition. Bright colors, patterns, and neutrals alike all look good on you, so don't be afraid to try anything! Just remember: it's all about shape, shape, shape.